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We are the sole service provider for Turfplaning in the State of Florida. Turfplaning services™ is a division of g2 turftools, inc™. It was started when the turfplaner™ was developed in 2009. g2 turftools™ needed a way to be able to sell the equipment but also control the quality of the service. The turfplaner™ is unlike any machine on the market today and with this brand new technology, this was the best way to ensure the end customers would receive exceptional service and would be happy with the results of the turfplaning™. 

Laser turfplaning™ is the precision removal of surface irregularities (up to 2") from turf areas in a single pass. Through the use of a g2 turftools, inc™. 84" turfplaner™ equipped with proportional laser, leveling to an accuracy, never before attainable, of +/−  ¼" on existing turf areas (athletic fields, golf tees, golf fairways) is now reality. This revolutionary turfplaning™ process does not require the need to remove or replace the turfgrass on effected areas. Turfplaning™ not only reduces cost of resurfacing to a fraction of conventional turf removal, tilling, re-grading, and re-grassing, but also greatly reduces time and need to re-grow root zone prior to using. With the use of turfplaning™, full recover of turf and resumption of normal activities on a smooth and consistent surface can be accomplished in as little as 3 to 6 weeks.



Sole Source Provider for Florida for Turfplaning

We also specialize in constructing and renovating athletic fields such as football fields, soccer fields, baseball/softball fields and golf courses. Which includes laser grading, irrigation and sod installation.




We provide a sod installation service. As to date we have installed over 10 million square feet of sod on golf courses all over Florida, Alabama, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Texas & Georgia. We also install sod on baseball, softball, golf courses, soccer & football fields all over the State of Florida.



Laser grading is a very important portion when renovating or constructing a field. This not only keeps the fields safe to play on but also the fields have proper drainage for when the rain comes.



g2 turftools, inc.™ Patent Pending 84" turfplaner™ is a pull behind implement powered by a minimum 45 hp tractor. The turfplaner™ consists of a frame mounted cutting head that is capable of removing up to 2" x 84" of turf, soil or both in a single pass with average production rates of 4,000 square feet per hour. The 110 carbide insert teeth are easily removed and can be sharpened multiple times. Spoils are removed and transported to waiting trailers by a series of high speed conveyors powered by two independent hydraulic motors. The turfplaner can be operated in any of three modes, Manual, AutoGrade™, or Laser. Manual mode includes AutoDepth™ to ensure consistent cutting depth, while AutoGrade™ ensures consistent grades on existing surfaces such as ball fields. AutoGrade™ uses built in sensors to sense the ground elevation and automatically adjust the cutting head to maintain a predetermined elevation relationship with the existing ground. AutoDepth™ uses built in sensors to maintain the cutting head automatically at a predetermined height with the relationship to the rear roller of the turfplaner and the rear tires of the tow tractor. In addition to the three modes, it can also be operated with any combination of the three. For example, when removing a lip on a baseball field you can operate with one side in AutoGrade™ and the other on Laser or one side on Laser and the other on Manual. With thirteen different combinations of operation, the g2 turftools 84" turfplaner™ can be used to smooth almost any surface.



Using the Turfplaner on golf courses tees & driver ranges, our clients have been extremely happy with the results.

Before Lip_Moment.jpg


A before picture of a baseball field lips.


Removing the lips of a baseball field and laserplaning.

Softball Lip 1_Moment.jpg
Finished Lip_Moment(2).jpg


The after the removal of lips on the baseball field.


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